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Duplicate Classifieds
You are not allowed to insert ads with the same service in more than one Cities

Delete the old ad before inserting the new one.

Classified Description
Insert a decent and easy to understand title and relevant text. Add additional information such as size, color and age. Also add any product faults or omissions.

Only classifieds in Greek, English, Russian, German, French, Turkish, Italian.

The placement of the product or service in the proper category helps the process of purchase.If you dont know where to place your product or your service, contact us.

Not links allowed to the description of the ad.

Take lots of pictures from different angles . Ads with photos attract more interest . The maximum number of photos per ad is 9 plus one verification photo is this is available.

Offensive Content
Not allowed ads or images that may be considered offensive to specific people , nation or public figures.

Terms of use
The website sxescorts.com reserves the right to remove or modify ads containing any of the above or are otherwise considered unsuitable for display on the website.

The ads information may not be copied from other ads as they are protected by intellectual property laws

Ads Deletion Policy

TheĀ sxescorts.com website reserves the right to delete any advertisement, for which any consideration has been paid or not, in the event that, at the discretion of the authorized representatives, it is deemed to affect the safe operation of the website as well as that of its visitors website.

In addition, it reserves the right NOT to refund part, or the entire cost of advertising, after its deletion due to fraud or any similar activity.